Gambling In Asia: Socially Known

For many Asians, gambling is part of life. In large parts of Asia, it is played on many different occasions. Superstition also plays a particularly important role here when playing. For example, the number 8 is said to bring good luck. In card games, hands containing an 8 are therefore played much more frequently, even if the probability of winning a card combination is obviously low.

Gambling in Asia: Popular and socially recognized

Gambling is actually forbidden in China, but money is gambled on almost every occasion. Mahjong, a tactical game of chance with small, domino-like stones, is particularly popular here. But dice and card games are also very popular with the Chinese.

Legal gambling or online gambling website (เว็บพนันออนไลน์) in China is only possible in special regions. For example in Macau, an island that used to be a Portuguese colony and is now considered a so-called “special administrative zone”.

Boat trips for playing are also very popular. These getaways are all about gambling for money. Once the ships leave China and are in international waters, the game begins. Mahjong, as well as some dice and card games, are also played here in the first place. Typical casino games such as roulette are also available on some ships.

Since superstition plays a relatively large role in China, there are numerous rituals and lucky charms that are intended to help the player win. For example, according to one superstition, entering a casino through the main entrance is bad luck. This led to the fact that the Asian casinos sometimes have quite large “side entrances”, which many players prefer to use than the actual entrance. The colour red is said to bring luck to the players.

Before going to the casino, different gods of gambling are sometimes worshipped and offerings are made. Many Asians believe that winning at gambling is not just about luck, but can be influenced by right or wrong behaviour. This belief could be an explanation for the increasing problem of addiction among players in Asia.

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USA: Gambling only in a few states

In the United States of America, gambling for money is strictly regulated. Relatively liberal gambling laws only exist in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, Nevada. There are numerous casinos in both cities, which are visited not only by the locals but above all by a large number of tourists who come to these cities especially to gamble.

In the other states of the USA, there is a state gambling monopoly. Apart from the state-run lotteries, which are quite popular with Americans, there are hardly any opportunities to gamble legally for money.