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Pedagogy 3.0 : Re-imagining STEM+ Teacher Preparation
by Jim Vanides

There is a growing recognition that Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM) “literacy” for all students is critically important in this tech-enabled world we live in. That’s the good news. The dark side of the political discourse is that there’s too much focus on “STEM” as we’ve known it for the last 50 years. It’s time to revisit what “STEM” learning needs to look like – and redesign how we prepare STEM teachers…

I’ve already blogged about why “S.T.E.M.” (as an acronym and as “fields of study”) is so 20th century. This is why the HP Catalyst Initiative reframes the challenge as an opportunity to explore innovations in STEM+ learning and teaching. I suppose in some respects the “+” understates the importance of what is different. One BIG difference is the need to add global collaboration to the STEM experience – for both students and educators.

This prompted me to start referring to “Pedagogy 3.0”, which is what good instruction ought to look like in a post-Web-2.0 world (don’t blink – it will be 4.0 soon). It seemed fitting that should be the name for the HP Catalyst consortium that will explore what the future of STEM+ teacher preparation should look like. The HP Catalyst Pedagogy 3.0 Consortium will be led by Futurelab in the UK, which describes itself as “an independent not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to transforming teaching and learning, making it more relevant and engaging to 21st century learners through the use of innovative practice and technology.”

Dan Sutch, Head of Development for Futurelab, will lead the Pedagogy 3.0 consortium – once HP selects the members from the large pool of applications. Dan shares his views of what the HP Catalyst Pedagogy 3.0 consortium will be all about in a short, informal video:


For those of you already engaged in "Pedagogy 3.0" - type of teacher education programs, I hope to hear from you! (Thanks for sharing, Dan!)


By the way, it’s not too late to apply for an HP Catalyst grant. Proposals are due August 9th, and more information is available at You can also see my overview presentation on YoutTube:


Jim Vanides is currently a Program Manager in Philanthropy for Hewlett-Packard, responsible for worldwide higher education grant initiatives ( He also teaches an online course offered through Montana State University for elementary teachers on the Science of Sound ( He holds a BS in Engineering and a MA in Education, both from Stanford University.