New Sports Betting

Instagram has grown in popularity among elevated sports betting, and also for valid reason. Instagram is the ideal platform for posting glamorous images of the greatest moments and the biggest piles of cash, that is what every ambitious young gambler fantasizes about.


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Kelly Stewart, a.k.a. @KellyInVegas

Kelly Stewart’s brand has over 30,900 followers and is still growing. She’s sure to keep trending with the way she’s merged her luxurious Sin City sports wagering lifestyle with just an entertaining Instagram account.

Stewart rose to prominence after winning a longshot three-team NFL parlay in 2013. When photos and videos of her began to circulate, the audience became incredibly interested in this objective manner attractive woman with such a knack for sports betting.

Why? Let’s just say that “objectively attractive woman” isn’t the most frequently utilised descriptor for a successful sports bettor.




Lock It In,” the very first cable Television series devoted solely to sports betting, has launched an Instagram account to complement its picks-based programming. It currently has 13,500 followers, but that number will grow as the show itself grows in popularity.