By Jim Forde

I am web geek, and not just because I own a Foursquare t-shirt that I bought at a discount after my 1000th check in.  The real reason I know I am a web geek is because I LOVE discovering cool web 2.0 tools that can enhance my classroom!  I am about to share with you my not so secret sources for teacher Web 2.0 excitment! ...and that's not all!  Actually, it is, but I think you will enjoy discovering all of the new tools that these web sources present.  I guarantee that you will find something new that will amaze you as you explore.  So get ready to dive into these web 2.0 treasure troves!
1)    Cool Tools for Schools Wiki
This amazing Wiki presents scores of web 2.0 web tools that can enhance you work with kids.  The cool thing is that they are organized by the jobs they do.  For example, the left menu organizes links in categories like presentation tools, video tools or slideshow tools.  It is really easy to get straight to a resource that can transform a lesson!
2) 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About
This web site organizes 100 Web 2.0 tools in rank order.  I really like the way it opens up by sharing the 5 top sites, 5 most surprising and 5 little known.   For example, have you heard of Mahala, Knol or Lino?  Me neither.  Let's get our geek on and find out what they do!
3) 101 sites to troll! 
This list lists sites in order again but is really a hit parade.  I know MANY of the listed sites but am always surprised when I encounter one new gem.  I think this is worth perusing as you seek the Web 2.0 site of your dreams.
Here is a free on-line book chock full of web resources to explore by educational category.  If it's free, it's for me.  I hope this one is for you too.
5) EdTEch Tool Box Ultimate Web 2.0 list
This alphabetic list is almost ridiculous in length.  Talk about one stop shopping!  Have at it.
I hope that this post puts a few new arrows in your quiver.  At the very least you can blow your peers away in the staff room with your absolute command of the Web 2.0 edu-verse!  Happy Surfing!
This article was originally posted as Jim’s DLE blog and is reposted with his permission.
Jim Forde is a science and technology teacher at Scofield Magnet MS in Stamford, CT.


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