Once a district determines what technologies to implement, the next concern is finding the funds to pay for everything. Effective change doesn't come cheap. Strategies exist that can help schools and districts tap into the financing that will help them achieve technology integration.

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  • A letter will eventually arrive. It may be good news, or it may be bad news. In either case, you have gained something in the process.

  • Your hard work and late hours have paid off: Your proposal is finally finished.

  • What should you add at the end of a proposal to prove your points and clinch the deal?

  • Readability makes for a successful grant proposal. Follow these tips for a well-written document.

  • Scoring criteria are often included in the grant request for proposals and described in a scoring rubric. Here is an example of some scoring criteria

  • Requests for Proposals and Applications for Funding provide a guide to preparing a proposal. So after you have your great idea, study the RFP, do the

  • Editing is really the heart of the writing process. This is where you are able to clarify and tighten your narrative into a compelling proposal.

  • What are some of the common errors that are found in proposals? What should you be looking for in your own writing? Read this advice so your grant wil

  • Stick to the facts, follow the guidelines, and watch your jargon – and you will be on on the road to being funded. Here’s how.

  • For a grant proposal’s developed budget, you use a budget form. Then you have to explain it. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Many grants require that you include letters of support that are read and scored as part of the entire grant evaluation process. You’ll get letters fr

  • How do you go about researching and finding a grant program that might fit your need? Here are suggestions and steps to success whether you are a firs

  • Article and discussion topics such as Finding the Funds are always important, but now – with the country’s financial problems impacting school funding

  • Creating the program budget is by far the most fun and rewarding part of the grant seeking process. Here’s how to do it.

  • Evaluation plans tell you and your funder how you will know that your program is working and if not, why not. They should be tightly integrated into t

  • Grant activities are what you do to reach project goals. Well-designed projects have specific objectives that grantees interpret into the who, what, w

  • If you can write a lesson plan, you can write a grant proposal. Grants are a lot like lesson plans because they state goals and objectives, itemize ma

  • Writing a grant proposal can be a confusing experience. There are benefits and problems connected with getting a group of very busy people to collabor

  • Grant offerings all seem to ask for different things. However, there are some pieces you’ll always need so this is as close to a template as possible.

  • Writing a grant is remarkably simple and can actually be a lot of fun. In this article, you will begin to see what makes up a grant proposal.