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Innovative Technology Creates Success
by Grant Zimmerman

As educators we help students get smart and stay smart. We build learning activities that challenge students to think and act. Over the years, the best delivery of both the must know information and the requisite skills necessary to become good citizens and entrepreneurs occurred in the face-to-face (F2F) classroom. The fact that we now need to differentiate between F2F instruction and online instruction means that blended or hybrid instruction will be the most successful of all of the learning environments.
In the recent report to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Babette Moeller and Tim Reitzes of Education Development Center, Inc. indicate that:
 “Computer-based delivery of education is one of the fastest growing trends in educations uses of technology. Christensen et. al. (2007) predict that by 2019, 50 percent of all high school classes will be taught over the Internet.” (Integrating Technology with Student Centered Learning, Moeller & Reitzes, 2011, p23,
I-CAN WebsiteThe same report to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation shows that “43 percent of students feel unprepared to use technology as they look ahead to higher education or their work life.” This situation can be fixed. The core delivery system that will change the negative perception of students’ sense of preparation lies in committing to using an authentic, project-based, student-centered curriculum that address education standards. Simple, but how do we get there?
The very best system that connects and empowers teachers and students with technology through authentic, student-centered learning can be found at I-Can Network, I-Can Network is simply the most innovative use of technology that blends an individual’s interests and needs with the I-Can Network community of professionals, mentors, libraries. This is the vehicle that will change our student’s view of their technological prowess. Now, you can create your own Online Learning Community.
Creating Your Own Online Community
I invite you to use the power of I-Can Network through the KNS Community login at the Knowledge Network Solutions website,  Follow these steps to be part of the KNS & I-Can Community:
1.    Click the Community Log-in in the upper right corner of the KNS website, KNS Community
2.    Enter in the Access Code box, the letters, KNS and press enter.
3.    Create your LOGIN INFORMATION (user name and password).
4.    Enter the required information. This allows the KNS Community be more effective in helping you accomplish your goals.
5.    Complete the user profile by selecting from the drop down selections.
a.     Select either KNS Education Services or Corporate Service.
b.    Next, if you are a teacher, select KNS Client-Teacher, and so on.
c.    Then, select your interest areas. In my profile, I selected Assessment and Planning, Grant Research and Writing, and Professional Development.
6.    After submitting your profile, take a look at the Tutorial. The KNS Community provides learning material that matches your interests.
The Tutorial is important. It shows you how to use the free Adobe Connect and the KNS Community Virtual Room to communicate and share with your team and other colleagues.
You know have access to the people and libraries that will help us make our students smart. Simple. Now we know how to get there.
Grant Zimmerman is the Senior Education Consultant with Knowledge Network Solutions—Leaders in Technology Integration in Schools. Grant is also on the faculty of The National Paideia Center at the University of North Carolina. He leads educators in Professional Development sessions on the Paideia Seminar, the Paideia Project, and Technology Integration. You can reach Grant at or at