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Hey Teachers, Try A MOOC

MOOCs are the latest trend in learning.  You should give one a whirl! 

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Getting Practical about the Privacy of Student Data

The privacy of student data is dominating ed-tech headlines. Laws such as FERPA and COPPA can be confusing and compliance can be difficult. A newly released toolkit by CoSN makes the issue a lot easier.

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Traditional Teachers Beware

You can't be an island unto yourself in education any more.  

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Speed Reader Apps and Technology Personalization

How has technology impacted how you accomplish daily tasks? I have recently begun using speed reading apps and I explore that topic and idea of student personalization of technology.

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Get Involved to Advance Your Profession

Getting actively involved in a professional association has many rewards, among them are making a difference in your profession and growing lasting relationships with others in your field.

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Looking for the Silver Bullet

I am at the CoSN Conference in Washington, D. C., looking for the silver bullet in education technology. Do you think I will find it?

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Learning from March Madness

There are takeaways from top athletes and coaches that can apply to 21st century learning and teaching.

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The Joy of Self Guided Learning


Whenever you want to learn and it is for something you are interested in, it becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.  

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Seeking Connections

Seeking connection to one another is as human as it gets. Using technology to enhance human connection is not wrong.  It should never be about the device or tool. It is always about the ways in which we use the tools to learn, grow, and connect. 

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Be an Influencer

Because district technology leaders control less and less, knowing how to influence is an essential leadership skill.

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Teaching and Learning

Because living and working are so different now from even a decade or two ago and because things will continue to change, today’s students need new skills to survive and thrive in the future.

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Professional Development

For technology integration to be effective, educators need to learn how to use and integrate it successfully. The stages are planning, implementing, and maintaining a robust strategy.

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